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Oral Presentation 1

12:30 PM to 2:15 PM

Add to my favorites Elucidatidating the Binding Interaction of the LINK-A lncRNA to PIP3 Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy 
  • Angelique Amado, Recent Graduate, Chemistry, University of Washington Howard Hughes Scholar, UW Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program
  • Gabriele Varani, Chemistry

Session 1Q: Biological Structure and Function
  • 12:30 PM to 2:15 PM

  • Poster Presentation 2

    1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

    Add to my favorites Preparation of a Promoter Associated Non-coding RNA CDH1 -160(A) Using a Downstream HDV Ribozyme Sequence to Produce Homogenous Transcripts and Improve NMR Visibility
    • Lauren Cominsky, Junior, Biochemistry
    • Gabriele Varani, Chemistry
    • Matt Walker, Chemistry

    Poster Session 2
  • Balcony
  • Easel #93
  • 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM