Session 1O

Unexpected Rebellions: Reframing the Norm

12:15 PM to 2:15 PM | Moderated by Michelle Liu
Add to my favorites A Story of Feminine Sacrifice: the Music, Text and Biographical Connections in Amy Beach's Concert Aria Jephthah's Daughter
  • Clarissa Aaron, Senior, Music Composition, Seattle Pacific University
  • Cherie Hughes, Music, Seattle Pacific University
  • Christine Chaney, English, Seattle Pacific University

Add to my favorites The Value of Monstrous Love: Examining the Narratives of Nonhuman Desires
  • Brian Dang, Senior, English, Drama UW Honors Program
  • Michelle Liu, English

Add to my favorites Vice & Visibility: Changing Attitudes toward Prostitution and Sexual Behavior in Victorian Britain
  • Melissa C Morgan, Senior, History UW Honors Program
  • Moon-Ho Jung, History
  • George Behlmer, History, Univerity of Washington

Add to my favorites A Beast in the Pews: The Autopsy of Jane Doe, A Contextual Analysis
  • Jeffery (Jeff) Salazar, Recent Graduate, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (Communication), UW Tacoma
  • Ellen Moore, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (Tacoma Campus), UW Tacoma
  • Alexandra Nutter Smith, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (Tacoma Campus)