Session 2Q

Astronomy and Engineering

3:30 PM to 5:15 PM | Moderated by Suzanne Hawley
Add to my favorites Searching for Photometric Variability in the Wolf-Rayet Star WR124
  • Keyan R. (Keyan) Gootkin, Freshman, Pre-Sciences
  • Cayenne Elizabeth Matt, Sophomore, Pre-Sciences
  • Emily Levesque, Astronomy
  • Trevor Dorn-Wallenstein, Astronomy

Add to my favorites Searching for Exoplanets with Sputtering Space Telescopes
  • Nicholas Keller Saunders, Senior, Physics: Comprehensive Physics, Astronomy, Comparative Literature (Cinema Studies) NASA Space Grant Scholar, UW Honors Program
  • Rodrigo Luger, Astronomy
  • Rory Barnes, Astrobiology, Astronomy

Add to my favorites Werk SQuAD: The Quest to Better Understand Galaxies and Their Surrounding Medium
  • Christina Willecke (Christina) Lindberg, Senior, Astronomy, Physics: Comprehensive Physics Mary Gates Scholar, UW Honors Program
  • Courtney Ann Klein, Senior, Physics: Comprehensive Physics, Astronomy UW Honors Program
  • Jessica Werk, Astronomy, University of Washington, Seattle

Add to my favorites Vector Calculus Studies of Fullerenes
  • Iuliia Dmitrieva, Freshman, Computer and Electrical Engineering, Lake Wash Tech Coll
  • Rami Manad, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Lake Wash Tech Coll
  • Tom Skoczylas, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering, Lake Wash Tech Coll
  • Narayani Choudhury, Mathematics, Physics, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Add to my favorites Metal Chloride Complexation in Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 Molecular Inks for Solution Processed Thin Film Solar Cells
  • Anna Murray, Senior, Chemical Engr: Nanosci & Molecular Engr
  • Hugh Hillhouse, Chemical Engineering
  • James Clark, Chemical Engineering

Add to my favorites Investigation of NMR-Based Surface Area Measurement as a Quality Monitor for Nanoparticle Silica Abrasives
  • Olga (Graduated in Spring/2018) Samsonenka, Senior, Chemical Engineering Mary Gates Scholar, UW Honors Program
  • Andy Kim, Chemical Engineering