Visual Arts & Design Showcase

3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Add to my favorites Up side Down side
  • Casey Jo Grosso, Senior, Art History Mary Gates Scholar, UW Honors Program
  • Martin Jarmick, Digital Arts & Experimental Media

Add to my favorites My Work as an Artist and Designer on the DFL’s 3D Game, Hug the Line
  • Zixing (Xing) Guo, Fifth Year, Design: Interaction Design CoMotion Mary Gates Innovation Scholar
  • Jason Pace, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (Bothell Campus)

Add to my favorites Hue
  • Erika Jeneve Morales, Senior, Interdisciplinary Visual Arts
  • Alexander James, Computer Science & Engineering

Add to my favorites Forensic Anthropology and Human Rights in Latin America
  • Roshni Sinha, Junior, International Studies, Anthropology UW Honors Program
  • Gwendolyn Scott, Senior, International Studies: Latin America, Geography
  • Leah Mc Farland Bennett, Junior, Law, Societies, & Justice, International Studies: Latin America
  • Min Su Kim, Freshman, Pre-Major Mary Gates Scholar
  • Madison Kendall Vinson, Sophomore, Pre-Social Sciences
  • Kendy Joceline Bautista, Sophomore, Pre-Major (Arts & Sciences)
  • Hannah Thoreson, Senior, Political Science
  • Amber Nicole (Amber) Torell, Freshman, Pre-Major (Arts & Sciences)
  • Akshara Kumar, Junior, International Studies: Asia
  • Carly Bainbridge, Sophomore, Pre-Major (Arts & Sciences)
  • José Antonio Lucero, Jackson School of International Studies
  • Emily Willard, Jackson School of International Studies