Session 2H

Supporting Student Growth from High School through the University

3:30 PM to 5:15 PM | Moderated by Walter Andrews
Add to my favorites Increasing Environmental Appreciation through Photography in Public Schools
  • Carolyn Nicole (Carolyn) Tillinger, Senior, Environmental Science & Resource Management, Community, Environment, & Planning
  • Christine Stickler, Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Pipeline

Add to my favorites Recommendations for Varsity Esports: Supporting a New Generation of High School Athlete
  • Rahul Devanarayanan, Senior, Community, Environment, & Planning
  • Christopher Campbell, Community Environment & Planning

Add to my favorites Analyzing the Potential Effects of Online Tutoring in the Context of a Writing Center
  • Madeline Gibson (Madeline) Clarke, Senior, Informatics UW Honors Program
  • Mina Tari, Senior, Informatics, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies UW Honors Program
  • Riley Elizabeth Andert, Senior, Informatics: Data Science
  • Annie Campbell (Annie) Lace, Senior, Informatics
  • Matthew Saxton, The Information School
  • Amirah Majid, The Information School

Add to my favorites Emotional Labor for Tutors and Consultants: A Mixed Methods Approach
  • Hohjin Im, Senior, Psychology, Economics UW Honors Program
  • Wei Chen (Doris) Chin, Junior, Extended Pre-Major
  • Ji Heon (Sophia) Lee, Senior, Psychology
  • Ki Beom (KiBeom) Kwon, Senior, Public Health-Global Health
  • Misty Anne Winzenried, English

Add to my favorites Examining STEM Curricula: Exploring STEM Major Attrition through Student Transcript Data
  • Siying (Lysia) Li, Senior, Informatics: Data Science
  • Peter Lu, Senior, Informatics: Data Science
  • Jevin West, The Information School
  • Lovenoor Aulck, The Information School

Add to my favorites Newbook Digital Texts: Understanding and Developing a New Model of Undergraduate Research
  • Jion Yi, Junior, International Studies UW Honors Program, Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Awardee
  • Michael Joseph Manca, Senior, History, International Studies: Europe
  • Arthur Karl Walker, Senior, Psychology, History UW Honors Program
  • Erika Arias, Junior, Pre-Major (Arts & Sciences) McNair Scholar, Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Awardee, UW Honors Program
  • Drew Philip (Drew) Shiels, Senior, English, History
  • Walter Andrews, Near Eastern Languages & Civilization