Session 2N

Forest Ecology and Evolution

3:30 PM to 5:15 PM | Moderated by Gregory Ettl
Add to my favorites A Molecular Phylogeny and Classification of Neospartoneae : The Evolutionary Relationships among Diostea, Neosparton, and Lampaya
  • Meng Lu, Junior, Exchange - Arts & Sciences
  • Richard Olmstead, Biology, Burke Museum
  • Laura Frost, Biology

Add to my favorites The Drivers and Implications of Seed Masting: Pollination Efficiency and Nitrogen Cycling
  • Elise Pletcher, Senior, Biology (General)
  • Janneke Hille Ris Lambers, Biology

Add to my favorites The Effects of Varying Light and Moisture Levels on Early Growth and Survival of Twelve Pacific Northwest Tree Species
  • Olivia Lorraine (Olivia) Moskowitz, Senior, Environmental Science & Resource Management Mary Gates Scholar, Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Awardee
  • Gregory Ettl, Environmental & Forest Sciences
  • Matthew Aghai, College of the Environment, Environmental & Forest Sciences

Add to my favorites Measuring Parent Cacao Seedling Growth in Hoja Nueva’s Experimental Plots: A Case Study in the Lowland Peruvian Amazon
  • Megan Schenck, Senior, Environmental Science & Resource Management UW Honors Program
  • Tim Billo, Program on the Environment
  • Samantha Zwicker, Environmental & Forest Sciences