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Poster Presentation 2

1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Add to my favorites Dental Cancer in a 260 Million Year Old Mammal-Like Reptile and Its Implications in Modern Medicine
  • Larry Ian Mose, Senior, Biology (General), Anthropology: Medical Anth & Global Hlth Mary Gates Scholar
  • Christian Sidor, Biology, Burke Museum
  • Megan Whitney, Biology

Poster Presentation 3

2:30 PM to 4:00 PM

Add to my favorites Design and Engineering of Open Source Hardware for Pressure Regulation in the Study of Vascular Processes
  • Alexander Novokhodko, Senior, Bioengineering
  • Ying Zheng, Bioengineering
  • Christian Mandrycky, Bioengineering

Add to my favorites Toxicity of Imidacloprid to Ghost Shrimp: Implications for the Control of Burrowing Shrimp in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor, Washington
  • Kelly Lynne Borden (Kelly) De Forest, Senior, Environmental Science & Resource Management
  • Bonnie Mcclaine Henwood, Senior, Biology (Ecology, Evolution & Conservation)
  • Lisa Yuki (Lisa) Bloch, Senior, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences
  • Bryan Antonio (Bryan) Briones Ortiz, Senior, Biology (Ecology, Evolution & Conservation) Mary Gates Scholar
  • Grace A. (Grace) Crandall, Senior, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences
  • Amanda Aulty Jolean Delaney, Senior, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences
  • Ariel Delos Santos, Senior, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, Community, Environment, & Planning
  • Christian Grue, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences
  • Lisa Crosson, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences