Session 1L

Linguistic and Neural Aspects of Communication

12:30 PM to 2:15 PM | Moderated by Ludo Max
Add to my favorites The Korean Lexicon
  • Christina Victoria (Christina) Bleu, Senior, English
  • Natasha Wisesa, Senior, Korean, Speech and Hearing Sci (Com Disorders)
  • Katherine Jennifer Lee, Junior, English, Korean
  • Hannah Quinn Hertzog, Junior, Pre Engineering UW Honors Program
  • Soohee Kim, Asian Languages & Literature
  • Emily Curtis, Asian Languages & Literature

Add to my favorites Models of Performance in Theoretical Linguistics
  • Zachary Lim, Senior, Linguistics, Japanese UW Honors Program
  • Kat Dziwirek, Slavic Languages & Literatures

Add to my favorites Use of Evaluative Language as a Potential Diagnostic Tool for FASD
  • Griffin Lijding (Griffin) Taylor, Senior, Speech & Hearing Sciences, Romance Linguistics Mary Gates Scholar, UW Honors Program
  • John C. Thorne, Speech & Hearing Sciences

Add to my favorites Auditory Modulation during Speech Movement Planning in Stuttering Children
  • Anmol Hans, Senior, English, Neurobiology Mary Gates Scholar, UW Honors Program
  • David G. (David) Olsen, Senior, Biology (Physiology) Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Awardee
  • Ludo Max, Speech & Hearing Sciences

Add to my favorites Assessing the Linguistic Attitudes of Spanish Speaking Immigrants and Their Descendants towards English Accented Spanish: A Matched Guise Experiment
  • Maximilian Anderson (Max) Carey, Fifth Year, Romance Linguistics UW Honors Program
  • Victor Fernandez-Mallat, Romance Languages & Literature