Session 2B

Exploring the Evolving Relationship of Education and Society

3:30 PM to 5:15 PM | Moderated by Tom Halverson
Add to my favorites High School Student Perceptions on Americans and Immigrants: Constructing Self-Identity
  • Elizabeth Castro, Senior, International Studies
  • Jenn Charoni, Senior, International Studies UW Honors Program
  • Dafney Blanca Dabach, Education
  • Aliza Fones, Education

Add to my favorites Tutors' Self-Assessment as a Strategy for Making Work Emotionally Sustainable
  • Cali Rose (Cali) Kopczick, Senior, English (Creative Writing) UW Honors Program
  • Jacob Thomas (Jacob) Kovacs, Senior, Economics
  • Arista Christina (Arista) Burwell Chen, Senior, English, Communication, Political Science UW Honors Program
  • Teresa Ruth Makar, Senior, Economics, Political Science (Political Economy) UW Honors Program
  • Sijia (Jessica) Bao, Senior, Human Ctr Des & Engr: Human-Computer Int
  • Elizabeth Suzanne (Elizabeth) Wiley, Senior, Anthropology, Comparative History of Ideas UW Honors Program
  • Jack Chelgren, Senior, English UW Honors Program
  • Jenny Halpin, English

Add to my favorites Impact of University Heritage Perceptions on Attitudes of Parents and Prospective Students
  • Gyeong Jeong (Adriana) Park, Junior, Business Administration, UW Tacoma
  • Altaf Merchant, Marketing (Tacoma Campus)

Add to my favorites Parents and Communities in Public K-12 Education: The Effects of PTAs and PTOs on Districtwide Education Outcomes in Washington State
  • Eric John (Eric) Seely, Junior, Political Science UW Honors Program
  • John Wilkerson, Political Science
  • Emily Gade, Political Science, Emory University/UW

Add to my favorites Oppression of Art in United States Public Schools
  • Celeste Siebenbaum, Senior, Art History, Art Education, Western Washington University
  • Javier Berzal de Dios, Art, Western Washington University

Add to my favorites Intentional Learning Communities in Higher Education: An Exploration and Deep Analysis of the Community, Environment, and Planning Undergraduate Major as a Case Study of Learning in Community
  • Matthew D. (Matt) Wildey, Senior, Community, Environment, & Planning, Geography UW Honors Program
  • Christopher Campbell, Community Environment & Planning