Session 2N

McNair Session - The Challenges of Social Transformation: Navigating Change in School and Community Environments

3:30 PM to 5:00 PM | Moderated by Rick Bonus
Add to my favorites Fast and Furious: Aggressive Development in the Sichuan Plain and its Alternatives
  • Philmon Ghirmai (Philmon) Haile, Senior, International Studies: Asia Mary Gates Scholar, McNair Scholar
  • Stevan Harrell, Anthropology, Environmental & Forest Sciences

Add to my favorites Impact of Social Networking on International College Students' Life Satisfaction Level and Academic Success
  • Serena Park (Serena) Correia, Senior, Communication McNair Scholar
  • Gene Kim, Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity

Add to my favorites Materialism and its Effect on College Students' Values
  • Ryan Olson, Senior, Social Studies, Bemidji State University McNair Scholar
  • Debra Peterson, Sociology, Bemidji State University

Add to my favorites Communicating Climate Change in Rural Communities
  • Sarra Zebra (Sarra) Tekola, Senior, Environmental Science & Resource Management Mary Gates Scholar, McNair Scholar
  • Richard Fenske, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences
  • Victoria Breckwich Vasquez, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences