Session 2M

Politics and Policy in America

3:45 PM to 5:15 PM | Moderated by John Wilkerson
Add to my favorites Buying Votes as Public Service: The Electoral Implications of Federal Stimulus Spending
  • James Ganas, Senior, Political Science
  • John Wilkerson, Political Science
  • Nicholas Stramp, Political Science, Center for American Politics and Public Policy

Add to my favorites The Legacy of Marbury v. Madison in United States v. Lopez
  • Erik Larson, Senior, Politics, Spanish, Whitman College
  • Helen Knowles, Political Science

Add to my favorites Partnering for Health: Emerging Forms of Health Governance in Washington State
  • Helen Elizabeth Olsen, Senior, Geography, Public Health-Global Health Mary Gates Scholar, Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Awardee
  • Lucy Jarosz, Geography
  • Sarah Elwood, Geography

Add to my favorites An Examination of the Complexities of Prison Health Care
  • Jennifer Luong, Senior, Biochemistry, Anthropology: Medical Anth & Global Hlth Mary Gates Scholar, Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Awardee
  • James Green, Anthropology

Add to my favorites Behind Bars: The Prevalence and Consequences of Jailing Juveniles in Washington State
  • Max Burnham, Senior, Political Science, Law, Societies, & Justice
  • Victoria Kathleen (Tori) Bishop, Senior, Law, Societies, & Justice, History
  • Marc Neman Meyer, Senior, Law, Societies, & Justice
  • Lauren Martin, Senior, Law, Societies, & Justice
  • Martha Renata (Martha) Muldowney, Senior, Law, Societies, & Justice, Sociology
  • Sandy Cathy (Sandy) Nguyen, Senior, Law, Societies, & Justice EIP Scholar, McNair Scholar
  • Anu Sidhu, Junior, Law, Societies, & Justice, Economics
  • Elizabeth Zippora Kent, Senior, Law, Societies, & Justice
  • Steve Herbert, Law, Societies, and Justice