Session 1I

Innovations in Teaching and Learning

1:00 PM to 2:30 PM | Moderated by Todd Herrenkohl
Add to my favorites Preschool Intervention and the Resilience of Underprivileged Children
  • Remi Alyssa (Remi) Torres, Senior, Early Childhood & Family Studies Zesbaugh Scholar
  • Todd Herrenkohl, Social Work/Public Health
  • Gail Joseph, Education

Add to my favorites Intent vs. Impact: Applying Anthropology to Bridge the Achievement Gap
  • Stephen Paul (Stephen) Song, Senior, Anthropology: Medical Anth & Global Hlth
  • Holly Barker, Anthropology

Add to my favorites Environment Concepts Made Real in the Classroom: Environmental Art Education as a Medium for Creating Tanglible Environmental Concepts for Children
  • Amy Patricia Grace (Amy) Anderson, Senior, Environmental Studies
  • Stanley Asah, Environmental & Forest Sciences

Add to my favorites Literature in the Common Core State Standards: A Critique
  • Melanya Sophia (Melanya) Materne, Senior, English
  • Candice Rai, English

Add to my favorites Exploring the International Student Experience: Improving the University's Response to a Changing Student Population
  • Karl Joseph (Karl) Eckhardt, Senior, Business Administration (Finance), International Studies
  • Bianca Shi, Junior, Business Administration (Finance) UW Honors Program
  • Kerry Lam, Junior, Computer Science
  • Stephanie Whitney, Senior, English
  • Ronald Daniel (Ron) Keller, Junior, Philosophy
  • Erica Pierson Petru, Senior, International Studies, Environmental Science & Resource Management
  • Olivia Kenney, English, Odegaard Writing & Research Center
  • Camille Dodson, English, Odegaard Writing & Research Center