Session 1D

An Examination of the Effectiveness of Programs Aimed at Improving Social Outcomes

1:00 PM to 2:30 PM | Moderated by Michael Verchot
Add to my favorites A Legacy of Activism: The UW’s Role in Minority Student Excellence  
  • Cassandra Pauline (Cassandra) Berhe Tyner, Senior, Individualized Studies
  • Ruth Gaim, Senior, Anthropology: Medical Anth & Global Hlth, Comparative History of Ideas
  • Michelle Ji Kyong Nam, Senior, Anthropology
  • Cristina Gaeta, Education

Add to my favorites A Promise of Democracy: Lessons from Latino Underrepresentation in Washington State
  • Seth Dawson, Senior, Politics, Philosophy, Whitman College
  • Paul Apostolidis, Political Science, Whitman College

Add to my favorites Criminal History and Public Housing: An Evaluation of Seattle Housing Authority's Applicant Denial and Eviction Practices
  • Andrea Louise (Andrea) Greenstein, Senior, Law, Societies, & Justice, Spanish
  • Dexter Lane Callahan, Senior, Law, Societies, & Justice
  • Erika Anne Maskal, Senior, International Studies, Law, Societies, & Justice
  • Keaton Eric (Katherine) Daucher, Senior, Law, Societies, & Justice
  • Anthony James (Anthony) Friedman, Senior, Law, Societies, & Justice
  • Brittany Clare (Brittany) Ward, Senior, Law, Societies, & Justice
  • Alexa Jean Mullarky, Senior, Law, Societies, & Justice
  • Katherine Beckett, Law, Societies, and Justice

Add to my favorites Connecting: Systematic Adaptation of an Evidence-Based Parenting Program for Foster Youth and Families
  • Emma Lewis (Emma) Sherman, Senior, Social Welfare
  • Kevin Haggerty, Social Work
  • Susan Barkan, Social Work, Partners for Our Children
  • Heather Storer Smith, Social Welfare, Partners For Our Children

Add to my favorites Can Autistics Redefine Autism? The Cultural Politics of Autistic Activism
  • Ronnie Thibault, Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies (SEB) Mary Gates Scholar
  • Benjamin Gardner, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (Bothell Campus)