Session 2R

Policy and Governance for Sustainability: Examples from the U.S., Indonesia, and the Russian Arctic

3:30 PM to 5:00 PM | Moderated by Kevin Laverty
Add to my favorites Growing Knowledge: An Examination of Mentoring Programs on Alternative Farms in Western Washington
  • Blake Elliott (Blake) Barnett, Senior, Comparative History of Ideas Mary Gates Scholar
  • Maria Elena Garcia, Comparative History of Ideas, Jackson School of International Studies

Add to my favorites Refining REDD+ in Indonesia: Policy Recommendations to Increase Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Equity  
  • Sarah Elizabeth (Sarah) Boone, Senior, International Studies
  • Nathan Dean (Nathan) Anderson, Senior, International Studies
  • Sandi Mulia (Sandi) Halimuddin, Senior, International Studies, Communication (Journalism)
  • Jared David Moore, Senior, International Studies
  • Kristi Meagan (Kristi) Young, Senior, International Studies
  • Lucas Simons, Senior, International Studies
  • Nataliya Y. (Natalia) Piskorskaya, Senior, International Studies, Political Science
  • Henry Apfel, Senior, International Studies, Economics
  • Celia Lowe, Anthropology, Jackson School of International Studies

Add to my favorites Sustainable Socio-Economic Development: Indigenous Peoples in the Russian Arctic
  • Jeunghwa (Victoria) Choe, Senior, Environmental Studies, International Studies
  • Nadine C Fabbi, Jackson School of International Studies
  • P. Sean McDonald, Program on the Environment