Session 2A

Cultural Narratives

3:30 PM to 5:00 PM | Moderated by Valerie Manusov
Add to my favorites Adoption, Adaptation, and Attachment: Narrating the Trans-Racial and Trans-National Ecology of Ethiopian Adoption Through Lived Experience
  • Ryan Michael (Ryan) Sharnbroich, Senior, Anthropology: Medical Anth & Global Hlth, Public Health-Global Health Mary Gates Scholar
  • Rachel Chapman, Anthropology, UW Seattle

Add to my favorites Worth the Weight: Heavy Asian-Americans are Seen as More American
  • Caitlin Handron, Recent Graduate, Psychology, Italian Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Awardee
  • Sapna Cheryan, Psychology
  • Jennifer Wang, Psychology

Add to my favorites Strengthening the Capacity of the Seattle Vietnamese Community
  • Khiemton H (Ton) Nguyen, Senior, Biology (Bothell Campus)
  • Trang Ha Le, Senior, Biochemistry, Psychology
  • Amy Quang Van, Senior, International Studies
  • Chi Dinh (Chi) Hoang, Senior, Sociology
  • Khoi Thien Nguyen, Senior, Bioengineering Mary Gates Scholar
  • Michelle Tran, Senior, Psychology
  • Francis Tran
  • Anh Doan
  • Tony Thai Bao (Tony) Vo, Senior, Individualized Studies, American Ethnic Studies
  • Vivian Dao, Sophomore, Pre-Sciences
  • Minh Phuc H Nguyen, Sophomore, Pre-Sciences
  • James Hong, , Vietnamese Friendship Association
  • Dieu-Hien Hoang, Nursing (Tacoma Campus)

Add to my favorites A Story of a Seattle's Chinese American Family in the 1900s
  • Gengwu (Edward) Wang, Junior, Exchange - Engineering
  • Zhe (Alice) Fan, Junior, Exchange - Arts & Sciences
  • Anbang (James) Dai, Junior, Exchange - Arts & Sciences
  • Stevan Harrell, Anthropology

Add to my favorites Born in Unincorporated America: Citizenship and Nationality in Territorial Philippines and Puerto Rico
  • Jacqueline (Jacqueline Wu) Wu, Junior, Chemistry
  • Moon-Ho Jung, History