Session 2I

Data Analysis and Computation Improve Daily Life

3:30 PM to 5:00 PM | Moderated by Werner Stuetzle
Add to my favorites Energy Saving Butler
  • Justin Thomas (Justin) Brown, Junior, Extended Pre-Engineering
  • Austin Christopher Briggs, Junior, Pre Engineering
  • Tariq Yusuf, Junior, Extended Pre-Major
  • Antonius Denny (Denny) Harijanto, Junior, Computer Engineering
  • Jun Sang Yoo, Sophomore, Chemistry
  • Robert Paul (Robert) Vienneau, Senior, Electrical Engineering
  • Daniel Kirschen, Electrical Engineering

Add to my favorites Computational Photography for Greater Accessibility
  • Josh Scotland, Senior, Computer Science, Business Administration Mary Gates Scholar, NASA Space Grant Scholar, Washington Research Foundation Fellow
  • Richard Ladner, Computer Science & Engineering

Add to my favorites TapData: Taking Research Outside The Lab
  • William Charles (Will) Beebe, Senior, Informatics (Human-Computer Interaction)
  • Tanner Curtis Means, Senior, Informatics (Information Architecture)
  • Brent Michael Grossman, Senior, Informatics (Human-Computer Interaction)
  • Jacob Wobbrock, The Information School

Add to my favorites Using Computing Tools to Enhance Online Instruction
  • Mitchell Harland (Mitchell) Erickson, Fifth Year, Computing & Software Systems, UW Bothell
  • Mark Kochanski, Computing & Software Systems, UW Bothell

Add to my favorites A High Level Assessment of Risks Associated with Enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol Deployment at the University of Washington
  • D.C. Grant, Senior, Information Technology (Tacoma)
  • Marc Dupuis, Information Technology & Systems, UW Bothell