Session 2O

Political Influence and Change

3:30 PM to 5:00 PM | Moderated by John Wilkerson
Add to my favorites Show Me the Money: Achieving Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights through Government Budgets
  • Alizeh Bhojani, Senior, International Studies, French Mary Gates Scholar
  • Kelsey Bachenberg, Senior, International Studies
  • Youjin Choe, Junior, International Studies, Geography
  • Manmeet Dhami, Senior, International Studies
  • Julian Fellerman, Senior, International Studies
  • Neena Goswamy, Senior, International Studies, Women Studies
  • Thayer Hastings, Senior, International Studies
  • Kristen Hess, Senior, International Studies
  • Naomi Joswiak, Senior, Political Science, International Studies
  • Jeffrey Meigs, Senior, International Studies, Spanish
  • Akshika Patel, Senior, International Studies, International Studies: Asia
  • Brittney Riley, Senior, International Studies
  • Emilia (Emilis) Sternberg, Senior, International Studies, Swedish
  • Sarah Van Houten, Senior, International Studies
  • Elisa Waidelich, Senior, International Studies
  • Sanjeev Khagram,

Add to my favorites NGOs and Public Advocacy
  • Anna Bohm, Senior, Political Science, Communication
  • Binh Y. (Binh) Vong, Junior, Pre-Social Sciences
  • Lance Bennett,
  • Sabine Lang,

Add to my favorites Grass without Roots: Foreign Funding and the Underdevelopment of Nicaraguan Civil Society
  • Dean M (Dean) Chahim, Senior, Individualized Studies, Civil Engineering Mary Gates Scholar, NASA Space Grant Scholar, Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Awardee
  • Aseem Prakash,

Add to my favorites Abdul Ghaffar Khan and the Khudai Khidmatgaran: Civil Disobedience in the North West Frontier Province, Colonial India (1929-1947)
  • Melody Chang, Senior, International Studies Mary Gates Scholar
  • Anand Yang,

Add to my favorites Electoral Spending Shifts in a Post-Citizens United America
  • Sean Freeder, Senior, Political Science
  • Matt Barreto,

Add to my favorites In Defense of Freely Forbidding: An Analysis of Early Modern Polish Political Theory and Government
  • Matthew James Legacki, Senior, Psychology, History
  • James Felak,