Session 2D

Governance, the Environment, and Private Militaries

3:30 PM to 5:00 PM | Moderated by Joel Migdal
Add to my favorites Governance Issues in the Arctic Region
  • Jeunghwa (Victoria) Choe, Senior, Environmental Studies, International Studies
  • Kelsey Barrett, Senior, International Studies
  • Dominic Maltais, Senior, International Studies
  • Scott Halliday, Senior, International Studies
  • Kelly Miller, Senior, International Studies, International Studies: Europe
  • Monica Chahary, Senior, Comparative History of Ideas, International Studies
  • Colleen Kennedy, Senior, International Studies
  • John Bryan, Senior, International Studies
  • Jennifer Grosman, Senior, International Studies
  • Ahnalee (Ahna) Herke, Senior, Political Science, International Studies
  • Nadine Fabbi,
  • Vincent Gallucci,

Add to my favorites The Rise of the Contemporary Private Military Complex
  • Marianne Yon Fisher, Senior, International Studies
  • Antonio Lucero,

Add to my favorites Public Missions Private Soldiers: How the Privatization of Military Operations is Transforming What It Means to Be a Soldier and Its Influence in Global Affairs
  • Kevin Link, Senior, Global Studies (Bothell)
  • Benjamin Gardner,

Add to my favorites The Power of Cooperation: How Institutional Arrangements Shaped the Danish Wind Turbine Industry
  • Darren Levin, Senior, Economics, International Studies
  • Christine Ingebritsen,

Add to my favorites Task Force 2011: Nuclear Power and Climate Change
  • Nicolle (Nikki) Thompson, Senior, South Asian Languages, International Studies Mary Gates Scholar
  • Alyssa Hunt, Senior, International Studies, Communication
  • Kristina Mae Backstrom, Senior, Spanish, International Studies
  • Christan Mary Leonard, Senior, Economics, International Studies
  • Emilia Maryanna Jones, Senior, International Studies
  • Heather M. Early, Senior, International Studies, Political Science
  • Sylvia Gozdek, Senior, Anthropology, International Studies
  • Brandon Michael Skyles, Junior, International Studies
  • Michelle Thuy Tong, Senior, International Studies
  • Scott Montgomery,