Session 1D

Concepts of Place: As Experience, Imaginary Geography, Medium of Conflicts and Practice of Citizenship

1:00 PM to 2:30 PM | Moderated by Dennis Ryan
Add to my favorites The Svoboda Diary: A Journey through the Ottoman Empire and Europe
  • Anna Joy (Anna) Robinson, Senior, Near Eastern Studies (Culture & Civilization), English
  • Khadija Gulam Qader, Junior, Extended Pre-Engineering
  • Matthew James Wright, Junior, Near Eastern Studies (Languages & Civilization)
  • Jessica Reine Tarabay, Senior, International Studies, Near Eastern Studies (Languages & Civilization)
  • Sara Mahmoud (Sara) Hefny, Junior, Near Eastern Studies (Languages & Civilization), Italian
  • Evan Thomas Wyse, Senior, International Studies
  • Walter Andrews,
  • Stacy Waters,
  • Connie Cannon,

Add to my favorites Boundless Fluidity, Military Fantasy: An Examination of the City as Medium in Contemporary Israeli Military Practice
  • Claire Antonia (Claire) Fox, Senior, Comparative Literature, Comparative History of Ideas Mary Gates Scholar
  • Phillip Thurtle,

Add to my favorites Agrarian Outrages and the Conflict Over Land: The Case of Homicides in Mid-Nineteenth Century Ireland
  • Elizabeth Kanoelani (Liz) Cady, Senior, Biology (Ecology & Evolution), Sociology Mary Gates Scholar
  • Katherine Stovel,

Add to my favorites Don’t Fence Me In! Eagle Pass, TX: The Rejection of the 2006 U.S. Border Fence
  • Caitlyn Elizabeth (Caitlyn) Mc Crone, Senior, International Studies, Spanish
  • Jason De Leon,

Add to my favorites Remaking Urban Citizenship: Public Space and Neoliberalism in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Garrett Shishido Strain, Senior, Economics, International Studies Mary Gates Scholar
  • Matthew Sparke, , UCSC
  • Deborah Porter,

Add to my favorites Geoeconomic Visions of a Microspace to Maintain the Geopolitical Macrospace: A Study of the Kaesong Industrial Complex within Korean Unification
  • Kavit Tural (Kavit) Sumud, Senior, Geography Mary Gates Scholar, McNair Scholar
  • Ileana Rodriguez-Silva,
  • Francisco Benitez,
  • Chandan Reddy,
  • Matthew Sparke, , UCSC