Session 2R

Global Issues for the 21st Century

3:30 PM to 5:00 PM | Moderated by John Wilkerson
Add to my favorites Next Steps for the U.S. in Afghanistan
  • Charmila Nicole Na (Charmi) Ajmera, Senior, International Studies
  • Melody Chang, Senior, International Studies, Political Science Mary Gates Scholar
  • Daphne Hazlehurst, Senior, International Studies
  • Alyssa Goldberg, Senior, International Studies, Communication
  • Courtney Faal, Senior, International Studies
  • Stephanie Marie Persson, Senior, International Studies
  • Isabelle Langevin, Senior, International Studies
  • Jessica McBride, Senior, International Studies
  • Timothy (Tim) Harris, Senior, Psychology, International Studies Mary Gates Scholar
  • S (Kristina) Khaleghi, Senior, International Studies
  • Alejandro Gamboa, Senior, International Studies, Spanish
  • Michael Truong, Senior, International Studies Mary Gates Scholar
  • Anli Jiao, Senior, International Studies
  • Jeffrey Lupo, Senior, International Studies
  • Anand Yang,

Add to my favorites An Arena for Imperial Battles: Can the UN survive in the 21st Century?
  • Alizeh Bhojani, Senior, International Studies, French Mary Gates Scholar
  • Ileana Rodriguez-Silva,

Add to my favorites China's Household Registration System and its Socioeconomic Impacts
  • Siyu Cai, Senior, International Studies: Asia McNair Scholar
  • Kam Wing Chan,

Add to my favorites Stop the EU, I'm Running for Parliament!
  • Christopher Cunningham, Senior, Political Science
  • John Wilkerson,

Add to my favorites Secularism as a Technique of Governance: Examining the Impact of Personal Law Regimes on State Stability in India and Pakistan
  • Byron Gray, Junior, Political Science, Law, Societies, & Justice, International Studies: Asia Mary Gates Scholar
  • Sunila Kale,

Add to my favorites The Holy See in International Relations Theory
  • Reece Johnson, Senior, Philosophy, Political Science
  • Christi Siver,

Add to my favorites Democracy and Empire: An Investigation of the Relationship Between Democratic and Imperial Institutions
  • Robert (David) McCoy, Senior, Political Science
  • Stephen Majeski,
  • Jack Turner,