Session 2A

Agents of Change: Business From a Sustainability Perspective

3:30 PM to 5:00 PM | Moderated by Dorothy Paun
Add to my favorites The Net Worth of Sustainability Reporting: An Empirical Investigation of 18 Companies
  • Hannah Mc Kee, Senior, International Studies
  • Duncan Clauson, Junior, Environmental Studies
  • Robert Bryan (Robb) Schmitt, Graduate,
  • Christopher Richard (Chris) Burgess, Freshman, Pre-Major (Arts & Sciences)
  • Catherine V. Carter, Non-Matriculated,
  • Lydia Teresa Caudill, Senior, Community, Environment, & Planning Mary Gates Scholar
  • Hans Robert Minea, Junior, Extended Pre-Major
  • Kendra Anne Schaaf, Sophomore, Pre-Major (Arts & Sciences)
  • Christine E. (Christine) Scheele, Graduate, Education (Curriculum & Instruction)
  • Dorothy Paun,

Add to my favorites Does Recession Mean Going Green? The Relationship between CO2 Emission and Recession
  • Po Yi (Kaboo) Leung, Senior, Economics
  • Hendrik Wolff,

Add to my favorites Malnutrtion Hunger and Health
  • Wen Li, Junior, Exchange - Engineering
  • Lucas Evan (Lucas) Meserve, Senior, Economics
  • Maporn (Gaew) Lertsuridej, Senior, Economics, Biology (Physiology)
  • Claus Portner,