Session 1S

Doing Old Things Newly: Technological Changes to Familiar Work

1:00 PM to 2:30 PM | Moderated by Joseph Janes
Add to my favorites Portable Ultrasound for the Developing World
  • Wayne Andrew (Wayne) Gerard, Senior, Computer Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry
  • Alexis (Alexis Hope) Hope, Senior, Human Ctr Des & Engr: Human-Computer Int
  • Alex Pham, Junior, Human Ctr Des & Engr: Human-Computer Int
  • Matthew Allen Hicks, Junior, Informatics (Human-Computer Interaction), Comparative History of Ideas
  • Pratik Prasad, Junior, Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Beth Kolko,
  • Ruth Anderson,

Add to my favorites Physician Nonverbal Immediacy and Its Effect on Patient Adherence to Treatment in Patient Physician Electronic Medical Record Communication
  • Andrew Michael (Andrew) Ng, Senior, Biochemistry, Communication
  • Valerie Manusov,

Add to my favorites MultiLearn: Examining Emergent Dominance Patterns in Multiple Input Based Educational Systems
  • Sunil Kumar (Sunil) Garg, Senior, Computer Science Mary Gates Scholar, Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Awardee
  • Issa Marie Tseng, Senior, Computer Engineering Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Awardee
  • Richard Anderson,
  • Joyojeet Pal,

Add to my favorites Mobile Phones Provide Communication for Revenue in Rural Africa
  • Lisa Beth (Lisa) Plunkett, Senior, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (Communication), UW Tacoma
  • Stephen DeTray, , UW Tacoma
  • Divya McMillin,

Add to my favorites Trust and Credit
  • Edwin Hu, Senior, Economics, Applied & Computational Mathematical Sciences (Mathematical Economics) Mary Gates Scholar
  • Stephan Siegel,

Add to my favorites Is OpenJAUS Really Open to its Unmanned Systems Development Community?
  • Ho Kyeong (HK) Ra, Junior, Computer Engineering and Systems
  • Sam Chung, , UW Tacoma
  • Jie Sheng, , UW Tacoma