Welcome to the Online Proceedings for the 2010 Undergraduate Research Symposium. The Thirteenth Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium is organized by the Undergraduate Research Program, which facilitates research experiences for undergraduates in all academic disciplines. The Symposium is a chance for undergraduates to present what they have learned through their research experiences to a larger audience. It also provides a forum for students, faculty, and the community to discuss cutting edge research topics and to examine the connection between research and education. The event includes poster and presentation sessions by students from all academic disciplines and all three UW campuses, plus invited guests.

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Outstanding Mentor Spotlight

Professor Kale is an outstanding instructor …[s]he has not only provided me with numerous sources and leads for my project, but consistently challenged me to push my arguments and thinking. What sets Sunila apart as a mentor is that she belongs to that special class of instructors who will take the time to really engage with students on their projects. Indeed, when I stop by her office to discuss my research she will frequently suggest new lines of thought or inquiry based on a recently published book or article she has just read. However, the thing I appreciate most about Professor Kale is the patience she has shown as my arguments and thinking have evolved – often somewhat clumsily – from one form to another. As I continue to refine my project and wade through court cases and literature reviews, her guidance has not only helped me develop my ideas, but also appreciate the shifts and changes that are inevitably part of the research process.

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