Welcome to the Online Proceedings for the 2010 Undergraduate Research Symposium. The Thirteenth Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium is organized by the Undergraduate Research Program, which facilitates research experiences for undergraduates in all academic disciplines. The Symposium is a chance for undergraduates to present what they have learned through their research experiences to a larger audience. It also provides a forum for students, faculty, and the community to discuss cutting edge research topics and to examine the connection between research and education. The event includes poster and presentation sessions by students from all academic disciplines and all three UW campuses, plus invited guests.

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Outstanding Mentor Spotlight

Erika Harnett has been an invaluable mentor to me throughout my time at the University of Washington. …Her enthusiasm for research and investigation is one of the primary reasons why I am planning a career in research. … Under her influence, I feel I have improved my problem-solving skills, communication skills and, especially, my confidence. Even though I am an undergraduate, Erika actively involves me in research, publications, and professional conferences (I had the honor of presenting at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2009!) . Erika has always been a great advocate for me, and I am thankful for the opportunities that have resulted.

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